For The Love of Ireland

A Historical Novel by Judy Leslie



Main Characters

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“You don’t think I’m an evil man, do you?” asked Alex.


Evil?  Margaret never thought of him as evil.

Arrogant, controlling, forceful, and hot-tempered, but not evil.


“Why would you ask that question?”

She could tell that the alcohol was affecting him.


He ran his finger back and forth across the lace on her bodice.


“You know I want what’s best for Ireland.”


 “Of course,” Margaret replied.

She had no idea what was going on in his mind.



Susanna Burney reading

For the Love of Ireland


Margaret Sullivan

Alexander Sullivan

Michael Davitt

Delia Parnell

Anna & Fanny


Charles Parnell

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and the history of Ireland.

Knowing about the real people in this story can add a lot to a book club discussion.

For The Love of Ireland

The story of Margaret Sullivan & the Secrets of the Clan-na-Gael

A Historical Novel by Judy Leslie