For The Love of Ireland

A Historical Novel by Judy Leslie


For The Love of Ireland is a historical novel of love and loyalty, deception and honesty, based on a true story about the Irish Land League, a Chicago couple and the secret activities of the Clan na Gael.

Margaret Sullivan dines with politicians, rebels, and spies.  She is an admired journalist with

the Chicago Tribune publishing under a male nom de plume.


Her unscrupulous husband is a prominent attorney and power broker with aspirations of his own.

They are well-connected members of Chicago’s 1880s Irish elite.



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Susanna Burney.



“Debut author Leslie’s sweeping historical romance examines the increasingly complex role of women in marriage, politics and the workplace at the end of the 19th century.


"This well-developed novel uses historical details to create an educational and quite enjoyable read that raises complex themes. Readers can opt to be carried on waves of romance as Margaret copes with her unhappy marriage while longing for a dashing escape, or they can elect to dive into an examination of her precarious position as a determined woman in a male-centric world.


An appealing examination of a turn-of-the-century woman who valiantly strives for personal and political change.”

  -  Review by Kirkus Media LLC



Click here to watch a clip of  Susanna doing the voices of several of the characters in the story for the audio version.


For The Love of Ireland

The story of Margaret Sullivan & the Secrets of the Clan-na-Gael

A Historical Novel by Judy Leslie